We are an entrepreneurial company that places great importance on teamwork, respect and trust. We believe that, in a successful business, people communicate well and deliver to the best of their ability, and everyone has a desire to succeed.

We maintain a lean hierarchy led by a group of experienced, results-oriented executives. Throughout the operations, a capable team of around 4,000 people is helping to ensure that Katanga’s rich mineral reserves and resources will build a prosperous future not only for the company, but for the Democratic Republic of Congo as well.

We have strong core values in the areas which we believe will contribute to the overall success and sustainable development of our business:

  • Safety we will not compromise the health or safety of our employees for any reason.
  • Integrity we do what we say we will do.
  • Respect for each other our decisions and actions will be motivated by fairness, trust, cooperation and involvement.
  • Sustainable development we will consider the impact of our activities on the environment and on the local community in everything we do.
  • Continuous improvement we will always look to improve on the way we do things and stretch our capabilities.
  • Superior performance through working together as a team we aim to achieve superior business results.
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