The foundation of an inclusive and participative society is education. Through several initiatives, Katanga is working to counter the low literacy rate in the Democratic Republic of Congo, especially among girls, and to address the challenges of ensuring a suitable supply of skilled workers for the mining sector.

Our company is committed in supporting the improvement of education at all levels.

In collaboration with the provincial government, we engaged in the construction of a new building for the University of Kolwezi. The facility features an auditorium, 8 classrooms with a capacity of 150 students each, administrative offices, toilettes and is fully supplied with electricity and water.

We provide assistance to local technical schools with the aim to prepare the next generation of workforce. We assisted ISTA (Superior Institute for Applied Technics) with the donation of a library, desktops, a fully-equipped chemistry laboratory, the rehabilitation of the auditorium and the purchase of a nearby property for future extensions. We also supported the full rehabilitation of ITIMA (Institute of Industrial Techniques of Manika), including the auditorium, three workshops, toilettes and fencing wall.

As regards primary education, our company in active on two sides: on one side we built and rehabilitate education facilities to improve learning conditions of students; on the other we provide teachers with different materials such as books, maps, illustrative charts, etc… and accompany them in a process for the improvement of the quality of teaching.

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